Generators & Backup Power

Time is money.  And downtime is especially costly to your bottom line.  But when it’s preventable, it’s downright painful.  That’s why Kidron Electric is here to help you avoid the costs, inconveniences, and pains of power outages.

Be it a whole-house generator, a limited system to maintain critical operations, or a full-system backup power generation unit, partner with Kidron Electric to help design and install the optimal backup power supply that is crucial to your continued operations.

Areas of Expertise

We are experienced with backup power installation and service for:

  • Single family residences
  • Office buildings & office complexes
  • Restaurants and dining facilities
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • Churches, schools, and other educational facilities
  • Nursing homes and rehab centers
  • Factories and industrial complexes
  • Warehouses & distribution centers
  • Recreational centers and athletic fields
  • Hotels, motels, and multi-family residential buildings

Considerations for Generators and Backup Power

There are several key considerations for backup or stand-by power generation:

  • Frequency and duration of power outages
  • Portable versus stationary needs
  • “Mission Critical” components of your business (i.e., communication systems and servers, freezers and coolers, theft prevention and related alarms, etc.)
  • Type of equipment that will need powered (i.e., service requirements)
  • Fuel supply alternatives, such as proximity to natural gas line
  • Budgetary resources

Give us a call at Kidron Electric.  We’ll gladly sit down with you, talk through these issues, and help you decide on the best solution for your operation!

Generator Projects by Kidron Electric

installation of gerber poultry generator
Installation of Gerber Poultry generator
installation of gerber poultry generator
Installation of Gerber Poultry generator
single family whole house generator
Single family whole house generator
generator installation at office building
Generator installation at Whitaker office building
diesel generator installation
Diesel generator installation