Professional, highly-skilled friendly service – including 24-Hour Emergency service – is the cornerstone of Kidron Electric.  Be it electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, backup power, or other systems, we stand ready to respond to your service needs.

At Kidron Electric, we understand that if any of these systems are down or operating below par, your comfort, your peace of mind, and even your livelihood can be on the line.  We are as close as your phone, so call us at 330.857.2871!

Seasonal Maintenance Service Program

Our commitment to services runs far beyond routine service and emergency service calls.  In fact, we believe that a preventative maintenance will not only eliminate unexpected breakdowns but also keep your equipment running longer and more efficiently.  Accordingly, we are pleased to provide a seasonal maintenance program.  Our program is available to all Kidron Electric customers as well as non-customers.

We will gladly provide you with a free estimate to participate in the program.  Costs will vary based on the size, age, condition, and capacity of your underlying systems.

Key elements of our program include:

  • Seasonal maintenance (once or twice per year/monthly)
  • Seasonal start-up
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Annual operator’s training
  • Reporting of any noted deficiencies
  • Extra service and repair labor quote for approval

Call Kidron Electric today to find out how we can keep you more comfortable and your systems operating at peak performance!

Service by Kidron Electric

high wire work in solon ohio
High wire work in Solon ohio
quick service from our own tin shop
Quick service from our own tin shop