Commercial Refrigeration

24-Hour Service is at the core of Kidron Electric’s Commercial Refrigeration Department.

Our clients grocery and convenience stores, dairy & food processors, meat & poultry packing and processing plants, and many others – require adherence to strict temperature guidelines.  Nothing less than product quality, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and their reputation are on the line.  And because so much is on the line, we strongly recommend that you incorporate a contingency cooling plan in every system.  Accordingly, Kidron Electric stands ready to design, build, and install the commercial refrigeration system to your exact specifications.

Importantly, matching your needs with your system capabilities is critical to the performance and life span of your complete refrigeration system.  A system that is too small or lightweight may lead to premature compressor failure.  A system that is overly powerful may shut down too quickly, thereby stressing the compressor.  The solution?  An optimally performing system that is designed for current needs but scalable to grow with your organization.   That’s what Kidron Electric can do for you.

Commercial Refrigeration Specialties

Our specialties include:

  • Walk-in coolers & freezers
  • Reach-in coolers & freezers
  • Self-contained units
  • Display cases & merchandisers
  • Shelving & rack systems
  • Ice machines & dispensers

Consider Kidron Electric to:

  • Design, build, install, and service complete Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  • Service and repair reach-in/walk-in coolers & freezers
  • Sanitize and replace filters
  • Repair and replace refrigeration controls
  • Repair and replace compressors, condensers, and evaporators
  • Repair and replace fan motors
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Repair and replace evaporator fans and coils
  • Repair and replace head pressure controls and valves
  • Repair and replace thermostatic expansion valves
  • Adjust, repair, and replace defrost timer clocks
  • Detect and repair Freon leaks
  • Detect and repair Nitrogen leaks
  • Recover and dispose of refrigerant
  • Retrofit refrigerant on existing systems
  • Defrost and repair frozen cooler and freezer coils
  • Repair and replace ice machine dump and water valves
  • Repair and replace ice machine water pumps
  • Service and repair ice boxes and ice bins

Refrigeration Projects by Kidron Electric

refrigeration cooler at Walnut Creek cheese
Refrigeration Cooler at Walnut Creek Cheese
Refrigeration Cooler Fans at Walnut Creek Cheese
Refrigeration Cooler Fans at Walnut Creek Cheese
Refrigeration Cooler Controls at Walnut Creek Cheese
Exterior & Controls of Cooler at Walnut Creek Cheese
walk-in cooler
Walk-in cooler
reach-in style freezers at duma meats
Reach-in style freezers at Duma Meats
refrigerated display case at grocery store
Refrigerated display case at grocery store
retail meat cooler and display case at Duma Meats
Retail meat cooler/display case at Duma Meats
refrigeration unit at walnut creek cheese
Refrigeration unit at Walnut Creek Cheese